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Mary Jane Evans (M.J.), Life Coach

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Maryjane Evans (MJ) has a Masters of Social Work from SDSU. Since 1994 she has worked with diverse populations on a variety of issues which have included: individuals with relationship issues, problems in the work environment, grief, anxiety, depression, fears, domestic violence victims, and those with mentally ill loved ones.  She has extensive experience working with the chronic and persistently mentally ill in hospitals, day treatment, and out patient settings.

As early as high school, Maryjane became interested in psychology while attending her first psychology class.  Her interest has remained with her, although life sometimes had a way of postponing her goals.  After a career in business, she returned to the classroom to pursue her dream of becoming a therapist.

Expressing an extensive interest in all aspects of human nature, Maryjane is especially passionate about helping others to understand and accept the results of the choices they have made. She is strong in her belief that all of us, at one time or another, need professional insight into patterns we have created that are not serving us.  Change is the one uniting factor in humanity that strikes fear into our being.  Maryjane is supportive, caring, and encouraging and provides a safe and trusting venue to her clients as they work through their issues.

Maryjane utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy as well as other orientations to guide her clients to achieve contentment in living their daily lives.

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