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Mary Hubbard, LAADC

Mary HubbardOwner of MARSTE Services, Mary provides training, consultation, intervention, recovery coaching and student support with a specific focus on Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders.

Mary is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, LAADC and has certifications from CAARR, (CAS II) and a Master Level Addiction Specialist, M-RAS from Briening Institute. In addition, Mary is a certified clinical supervisor, CCS. Although Mary has specific substance Abuse Disorders training (SUD), she also has a Bachelors Degree in Human Services and is currently finishing her graduate program.

In Mary's previous position as the Director of Training and Education for Mental Health Systems Inc., and the Administrator of the William R. Mead Training Academy (WRM-TA) she developed and implemented a school to train counselors. Her trainings, education and service model are based on clinical practice and TAP 21 Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Professional Practice. She is a certified trainer, counselor, supervisor and coach who has worked in the field of drug and alcohol services for over 21 years. Her trainings focus on SUD topics, management, leadership, ethics, gender studies and facilitation of counselor skill development. Her expertise and passion is in serving those with one, two, or sometimes, triple diagnoses.

Mary's service philosophy is simple; everyone is different and each has different strategies to succeed. She likes to focus on the "here and now" life situations and what support and guidance each person needs. Whether it is training, education, intervention or one-to-one services, Mary believes that growth develops from the counseling relationship. Building a trusting relationship is the number one goal when helping client to achieve their desired goals.

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